In addition to our Pipe Fittings, we also offer a variety of weld fittings.  Our inventory ranges from 1″ up to 16″ and larger.  We stock elbows, tees (standard and reducing), reducers (concentric and eccentric), weld-o-lets, thread-o-lets, poly pipe transitions (weld and thread), and many others.

We stock weld flanges in sizes from 1″ up to 12″ and larger.  In most cases, we offer 150, 300, and 600 ser.  Our inventory includes not only weld neck flanges, but also blind and threaded as well.  We maintain flange gaskets in both flextallic and non-asbestos (Klingersil).  Studs are available in house and all items not currently held in stock are available on a special order basis.